Crossings Minimization  1.0
node_struct Struct Reference

#include <graph.h>

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Data Fields

char * name
int id
int layer
int position
int up_degree
int down_degree
double weight
bool fixed
int up_crossings
int down_crossings
bool marked
int preorder_number

Detailed Description

Definition at line 61 of file graph.h.

Field Documentation

◆ down_crossings

int node_struct::down_crossings

◆ down_degree

◆ down_edges

◆ fixed

bool node_struct::fixed

Definition at line 85 of file graph.h.

Referenced by clearFixedNodes(), create_node(), downDFS(), fixNode(), isFixedNode(), makeNode(), and upDFS().

◆ id

◆ layer

◆ marked

bool node_struct::marked

Definition at line 90 of file graph.h.

Referenced by create_node(), and makeNode().

◆ name

◆ position

int node_struct::position

position of the node within its layer; this is essential for correct computation of crossings; it is automatically updated by the update functions for crossings in the crossings module and should be updated locally by any heuristic that relies on dynamic information about crossings.

Definition at line 73 of file graph.h.

Referenced by add_edge(), add_node_to_layer(), addNodeToLayer(), balanced_node_weight(), compare_down_edges(), compare_up_edges(), create_node(), edge_sift_iteration(), insert_and_count_inversions_down(), insert_and_count_inversions_up(), lower_median(), makeNode(), node_weight(), print_down_crossings_nodes(), print_up_crossings_nodes(), printNode(), reposition_node(), restore_order(), sift(), sift_node_for_edge_crossings(), sift_node_for_total_stretch(), stretch(), swap_nodes(), total_stretch_sift_iteration(), updateNodePositions(), updatePositionsForLayer(), and upper_median().

◆ preorder_number

int node_struct::preorder_number

Definition at line 91 of file graph.h.

Referenced by create_node(), and makeNode().

◆ up_crossings

int node_struct::up_crossings

◆ up_degree

◆ up_edges

◆ weight

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