Maybe the core of gml4gtk can be manual translated into javascript to run it in the browser.

But there is already a working GNU GPL 3 free sugiyama layout lib
in documented  javascript in dgraph

And this is a local copy in dGraph-master.tar.gz

To run this javascript sugiyama layout in the browser is here this link which generates svg image data

Now add a parser and dfs() to put the nodes in vertical levels  and textarea in a window
and there is a web based small graph layout tool usable for at least small graph data.

Some graph basics in javascript are at this link
Also in this project

Here is a parser for graphviz xdot dot format with the node/edge coordinates it is here

The javascript source for GML and DOT graph parsers is her in dot-gml-js-parsers.tar.gz
Here is a dot grammar for use with javascript and peg.js
The sfg.c layout library in gml4gtk can be compiled to javascript using emscripten
but a first test using wasm and clang is at this link  or here at single-file-graph-layout

The dagre-svg javascript uses dagre for layout in the browser at
The editor demo of it is here in graph-editor or here in dagre-svg-index
The dagre-d3 lib has a api but part of it is documented at
This is  small javascript with html to create a graph drawing but without layout, see also google v8 here

Here are more free javascript barycenter algorithms and graph topic sources to study:

visualize regexp website with javascript     and

todo: vis.js uses emscripten to compile C dot source to java script and has the code and
infrastructure to draw the graph data in the browser, but sfg.c from gml4gtk can be used
instead of dot c source for the same task.

drawthe uses d3.js for graph layout and has good webpage at

This is javascript to show dfs, bfs, dykstra path graph algorithms
This is javascript which moves the mouse magically automatic on your screen is here
This is javascript to show fake page progress info before showing page is here
This is javascript to show a word clock here

This is javascript to do text rot13 but now more advanced rot8000 at rot8000

This is javascipr page to see the apollo rocket launch at ApolloXV-master/index.html

vanille javascript to learn is here at
javascript for science page is about javascript programming
javascript about using data structures algorithms is collected at

Here is a html page setup with javascript and fully documented

javascript and wasm modules at
transform javacript source into graph data at
example javascript doing 3d drawing and keyboard input from doersino github tixyz
example of the springy spring embedder in javascript here in springy
about javascript programming
javascript graph algorithms
drawing on html5 canvas html5canvasloading.html
snippets at
generate art with javascript drawing uji at uji-main
about adding sfg.c as node.js module
instead of mouse use webcam and hands or face tracking with application in js
Here is a dataflow editor with blog how it works and a demo
Explined in a blog at

another type of layout are sequence diagrams, in javascript examples at
This is a prject explinig writing wasm by hand wit ocumented ecxample

Create svg drawings from ascii art with editor at
here is ablog about understanding json schema at

I have a single class that i export with

export class ClassName {...}

<script type="module" src=""></script>
<script type="module">
import { ClassName } from '' 

assemblyscript has online example how typescript is translated into wasm assembly at
collecction of javascript data structures and graph routines are at

Or all for java, javascript, python.C, C++, go here in this zipfile here in

freecodecamp has many short education articles, for example this about graph routines in javascript

To work with very big graph drawings a program can generate tiles of a big image
then javascript can browse the tiles in the browser with
and there are more of such solutions

some more on tree traversal in javascript with nice pictures at

Drawing splines with multiple points using chaikin algo at

run graph algo visible in the browser at

languages which compile to javascript at

more about directed sugiyama drawing with good text at

iteractive math javascript projects

something like draggable layout would be usable for graph layout drawings

javascript to c compiler

javascript libs en tools

programming lnguages resources