The VGJ Graph Drawing Tool


Your browser may prohibit load and save operations (but you should be able to cut and paste from the text editing and PostScript view windows).

This applet works to a different degree of correctness on different browsers and other Java virtual machines. It seems to work quite well on Netscape Communicatior 4.03 for Windows.

Your browser will not execute VGJ. You need a JAVA-capable browser.

New Features:

Arbitrary data attributes (strings) for nodes and edges.

Some command line functionality:
java EDU.auburn.VGJ.VGJ <-f gml_filename> <-s selected_node_id> <-l algorithm>
The algorithm is the menu name, with a "." at sub-menu points, like "Tree.Tree Down". If the name contains spaces, you will have to quote it.

Non-obvious features:

Hold down the shift key while selecting objects to keep previous selections.

Hold down the shift key while creating edges to add bends.

The delete key will delete selected objects.

Double click on a node in node select mode to pop up a "Node Properties" dialog, and on an edge in edge select mode to pop up an "Edge Properties" dialog.


Edge labels are drawn with rotated, antialiased text. This is very slow, not because of computations, but because drawing pixels to the screen is slow. This problem is being corrected.

Group nodes (Edit / Group Control). Group nodes form a forest where all inner nodes are groups and all leaf nodes are "real" nodes in the graph. Moving or resizing a group node moves or resizes all of its descendents. The "Tree" algorithms automatically create a group structure for the tree on which they operate. The application of any algorithm will destroy the current group structure.