Drawing Graphs with VGJ

About the project:

VGJ, Visualizing Graphs with Java, is a tool for graph drawing and graph layout. Graphs can be input into VGJ in two ways: with a textual description (GML), or through a drawing the user creates using our graph editor. The user can then select an algorithm to layout the graph in an organized and (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing way.

This graph drawing project is currently unfunded. If you like what we're doing or if you want to use it commercially, please help support the graduate students working on the project. You may hire us to customize the tool to your needs.

The current version is 1.03, released on 4/20/98.

VGJ may be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2.

Java Graph Drawing Tool

The VGJ Graph Drawing Tool The applet itself.
Screen Capture of the applet.

An html manual for VGJ.
Source (Java) Documentation (Package Index)
This is fully linked to Sun's Java documentation.
Each class description file has a link to its source.
VGJ.zip (478k - ftp) The whole project (sources, classes, documentation) zipped up.
VGJ.tar (1528k - ftp) (same stuff as VGJ.zip) The whole project tarred up - untar with __ tar xf VGJ.tar __.

comments/questions: mccreary@eng.auburn.edu Dr. Carolyn McCreary

Active Team Members

Larry Barowski, Jon Fouss, Shawn Stutzman

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