The dot language has for nodes regular text labels, for record nodes special record node labels and all type of nodes html style labels which are between <> chars.

Now adding support for html style labels in gml4gtk  version 7.1

In most dot data the html <table> tag is used but that maybe is not needed in all situations because there is a second type of simpler html labels like this:

/* html labels with only items, not tables */
digraph "items"
 /* to specify '&' use &amp; */
 "2"[label=<this is a &amp;amp;>];
 /* point-size set the font size */
 "3"[label=<text<font point-size="6">small</font><font point-size="20">big</font>>];
 /* wrong font name but no warnings */
 "4"[label=<sans-font<font face="xyz">xyz-font</font>>];
 /* set font color to "blue" or rgb "#0000ff" */
 "5"[label=<<font color="blue">BlueColor</font>>];
 /* set background color */
 "6"[fillcolor="lightgreen" style="filled" label=<lightgreen>];
 /* <o> overline text depends on pango lib version for it to work */
 "7"[label=<is <o>overline</o>>];
 /* <u> underline text */
 "8"[label=<is <u>underline</u>>];
 /* <i> italic text */
 "9"[label=<is <i>italic</i>>];
 /* <b> bold text */
 "10"[label=<is <b>bold</b>>];
 /* <sub> subscript text */
 "11"[label=<is <sub>subscript</sub>>];
 /* <sup> superscript text */
 "12"[label=<is <sup>superscript</sup>>];
 /* <br/> is newline */
 "13"[label=<line 1<br/>line two>];
 "14"[label=<line one<br/>line 2>];
 "15"[label=<line 1<br/><br/><br/>line 4>];
 /* align is parsed but not yet implemented */
 "16"[label=<top longer line<br/>line<br align="right"/>l2<br align="center"/>bottom<br align="left"/>end>];

and then it looks like this: