The gml4gtk graph viewer download is on sourceforge

This has a gtk-4 gui on Linux and gtk-3 on windows

The project page is at

The pre-compiled 64bits windows binaries and needed GTK+ dll's are in a zip file at

On windows the zip file can be unzipped at any location and then run in the directory the gml4gtk.exe program.

For Linux and mac osx there is the GTK+ source to compile at

It can be compiled for GTK-2 or GTK-3 or GTK_4 using configure option --with-gtk=2 or 3 or 4

The 7.6 version has partial support for html labels with <table> items
and the git repo with the development version is on gitlab at

It can also run using the browser for Linux, windos, and os-x using onworks see this link

For compilation of gtk+ programs on widows here is a guide

On sourceforge is the support and tickets and wiki tab for more help with gml4gtk

The ggl tool can re-write gml files, used for chemical topics at