The gml4gtk directed graph viewer is in development and reads partial graphviz dot, gml, ci
graph data needs more improvement for better drawing results and is on sourceforge at

This is the GNU/Linux development version as C source in this file gml4gtk-8.0-01102021.tar.gz
The program has a gtk-2, gtk-3 or gtk-4 GTK+ interactive graphical interface and can be
compiled for Linux, windows, mac os-x current version 7.6 and here is the windows zip file

About GNU GPL Free GNU Linux software end the Linux distributions see GNU at


This is a example of GNU GCC compiler graph layout with gml4gtk and the graphviz dot data with zoom:

run jgf json graph data iayout in the browser at this link

this link is dGraph demo of running GNU GPL free javascript doing directed sugiyama online graph layout in the browser

or this link to run sfg.c online graph layout as wasm in the browser

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run gnu

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