Some wasm web assembly links and tools

Parse wasm assembly language in a C parser made with packcc generator


Memory management and wasm has some difficult issues

The cwerg compiler backend has a parser for wasm binary written in python at

The GNU GCC and it tools for wasm are at

List of wasm tools

List of wasm tools

A toolset for working with wasm

cheerp compiler for c to wasm

langueges supporting wasm

minimal language compiling to wasm using wabt

also small language

zig language can be interesting

Using llvm and wasm32

minimal example

$INSTALLDIR/bin/clang -emit-llvm --target=wasm32 -Oz fib.c -c -o fib.bc
$INSTALLDIR/bin/llc -asm-verbose=false -o fib.s fib.bc

See output at fib.s.

Convert to WebAssebly s-expressions (needs binaryen s2wasm tool):

$BINARYENDIR/bin/s2wasm fib.s > fib.wast

See output at fib.wast.

bin/clang --target=wasm32-unknown-unknown-wasm fib.c -c -o fib.wasm produces valid wasm.

Added lld compilation. Compiled by bin/clang --target=wasm32-unknown-unknown-wasm fib.c -c -o fib.wasm file can be linked with bin/lld -flavor wasm fib.wasm -o -e fib

the small recc c-compiler can generate outout to run in emulator
written in javascript executing the c program as a kindof wasm, see

for wasm programming these public domain c lib routines may be usable