Designed by google means that it does benefit the business of google.
The business of google is to sell ads and collect all possible informations to use as statistics or more to advertisers.

Someone even said: How to do this? Use privacy/performance as Trojan arguments

privacyguides has a good summary how to use firefox browser and android recommendings

Privacy Guides is a socially motivated website that provides information for protecting your data security and privacy.

there is unconfirmed yet possible issue with duckduckgo search engine iin this pdf

This site can show the ifo about browser and location at
The site javascript at at

De consumentenbond heeft een site over internet privacy op

Als extra is vpn te gebruiken (
-maar waarom zou je een vpn provider vertrouwen?
-vpn is duur en heeft weinig extra te bieden
-vpn marketing geeft verkeerde informatie
-vpn software geeft problemen

"VPNs don't provide security. They are just a glorified proxy."

also at this site

"analyses regarding security and privacy focused topics"

This is a much more critical review of vpn with open source vpn client software at

They mention these as possibly good but are not low-cost also has open source vpn software also has encrypted mail free email service and open source vpn software also has open source vpn software

expressvpn is not  low-cost but has linux support *and* GNU GPL Free open source vpn software to check it out yourself

This is a way to run your own vpn server if you have a server at
or at

At least some internet service providers isp sell connection data from customers to commercial companies.
This netflow data can be used to track ny computer even after (beyond0 a vpn.

Even if you do not use your facebook account it will be used to create profile with info about you
because facebook tracking software keeps logging what sites you use etc.

This is how to install firefox browser with plugins for a safer browser

This is a good summary to add firefox with safety features and well explained at


when running firefox add these add-ons:
https anywhere
canvas blocker

Then check firefox browser at

Or at browserleaks

The privacy brave browser has many privacy problems mentioned at

Some issues are:
"They’re whitelisting trackers from Facebook and Twitter"
"impossible to use adblockers on any Chromium based browser"
"they fetch affiliates for Brave Rewards, with pings such as Grammarly, Softonic, Uphold, etc."
"despite explicitly opting out, Brave’s Rewards will still be used to track you."
"They also make requests to various domains that are believed to be related to the crypto aspect of Rewards.There isn’t a way to opt out from sending this requests."
"Brave has built-in telemetry. "
"brave today sends lots of requests to Brave’s servers. It can’t be disabled."
"It’s a concerning issue for a “privacy” oriented browser to connect to Cloudflare’s and Google’s domains, since both of them are telemetry."
"Brave will check for updates every time you run it. You can’t turn it off"
"Who the fuck implements Tor but doesn’t change the DNS?"
"Brave have been accused of scamming people"

"You shouldn’t trust Brave at all. The smart move would be switching to hardened Firefox, GNU Icecat, Palemoon or the Tor browser."

See also about the technical issues:

Here are more bad words about the brave browser at

The brave browser is flagged as anti-features on fsf at

"Antifeatures are flags applied to applications to warn of issues that may be undesirable from the user's perspective. Frequently it is behavior that benefits the developer, but that the end user of the software would prefer not to be there.

The solution is using security hardened firefox browser from

To improve firefox this is a guide at

"This is the best way to enhance Firefox. I must remind you that our goal here is privacy. If you want to browse the web anonymously, I’d suggest you looking at Tor instead."

To update user.js there is this:
guide is here at

Or this here with a better description

Here is a list of the most essential security and privacy enhancing firefox add-ons that you should consider using:

If you are concerned about more advanced threats, use specialized hardened operating systems and browsers such as Tails or Tor Brower Bundle

Using the tor browser is not a guarantee for example "Security researchers dissected the code and found it exploited a security hole in Firefox to identify users of the Tor Browser Bundle, reporting back to a mysterious server in Northern Virginia. "

On Linux or windows the hosts file can be edited to block bad websites and the list is here at

Or another one with choice of type of sites at with instructions

There is also a list of spyware url's at

On windows also google for "block windows telemetry"

And here are the website pages as pdf just in case they may disappear

duckduckgo has a git repo with browser test at

That can be run local using python

If you are working on a simple page you can start any local server (e.g. python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000) in the main folder of the project. a locl copy is here:

or it can be tested here at this page

And besides google swisscows offers good results

Do not use windows 10 because you gave permission to sell your emails and data to anyone, ses

Maybe a solution is this tool

Here is the exe release of this tool at

If you want the max possible safety protection then purism has these nice phones and Linux laptops

Een Linux computer die niets doet heeft dus ook geen network internet verkeer.
Een windows computer die niets doet heeft voortdurend internet verkeer met ???

de banken zeggen niet dat digitaal betalen een extra risico heeft waarbij veel geld verloren kan gaan.
het risico is voor de klant en er is geen verzekering zoals bij sommige credit cards

een betaal app op android zal zeker ook informatie lekken naar de google servers

een albert hein supermarkt app wil zelfs toegang tot de microfoon zodat meneer albert mee kan luisteren !? en wat doet die app nog meer?

De supermarkten hebben wel privacy statements voor de website maar niet voor de winkel
over wat ze doen met wifi, camera's, betaal systemen, voordeel en spaar kaarten etc etc.
volgens de wet zijn ze verplicht een privacystatement ook hierover op de website te hebben.

internet bankieren op de laptop veiligheid hangt af van het systeem zoals apple, windows, Linux
en de kans is groot dat het veiliger is dan op een smartphone met allemaal apps die vreemde dingen doen

een computer virus op windows kan wel degelijk problemen veroorzaken of geld stelen bij internet bankieren.
in zo'n geval kan de bank niets voor je doen.

Een anonieme ov chipkaart kan met veel moeite en extra kosten anoniem gebruikt worden
maar geld terug vragen kan niet anoniem wat natuurlijk tegenstrijdig is met het woord anoniem

de camera's op de snelweg werken met nummerbord herkenning en kunnen real-time een
auto traceren wat ook gedaan wordt voor dit doel.

in china heeft de regering erg veel camera's op straat die in 1 seconde iemand kunnen herkennen
en omdat dit technisch mogelijk is kan dit ook gebeuren in nederland vandaag of morgen

Volgens een nieuws artikel is het al heel gewoon in usa dat camera's in de supermarkt
face recognition doen zonder dt mensen enig idee hebben

een supermarkt zegt op de website dat ze vanwege mileu extra veel klantgegevens registreren
om zo het verlies aan beperkt houdbare produkten to verminderen.
ze bedoelen dat ze zo meer winst maken en meer gegevens hebben en dit heeft niets met mileu te maken.

Ook privacy vriendelijke websites die dit promoten blijken bij tests opeens niet meer te
willen werken of blijken langdurig ip te registreren zoals google en anderen dat doen.

dat is te zien als toch niet zo privacy vriendelijk en het staat ook niet in hun verklaringen.

zodra het over privacy of mileu gaat word je van alle kanten besodemieterd op alle
mogelijke manieren en ook door sites die beter zouden moeten weten.
todo: zijn er sites die het aantoonbaar wel goed doen?

Een instantie als uwv, duo en anderen gebruiken veel informatie  ook op oneigelnlijke manieren
zonder dat te melden in privacy verklaringen wat wel verplicht is in de wet.

example how totally un-safe windows 10 is

Plugging in one of these mice gives you admin access with a couple clicks. Here's how:

When a mouse from this company is plugged in, Windows automatically runs an installer for the software. That installer runs as "System", which is kinda like "Administrator".

Within that installer, the user is prompted to choose a directory where it should be installer. This is the regular "file open" dialog.

The standard file open dialog is actually a copy of File Explorer. So now the user has a copy of File Explorer running at high privilege. Th y can do what they want from there. One option is to do shift-right-click to open a Powershell command line. They could do other things too, like probably navigate to c:\windows\system, right-click, and give their user account right access to system\. With that write access, they could overwrite parts of the OS with programs of their choosing.

That's it.

For a bonus chuckle, Windows *automatically downloads the software from the internet*, then runs it as System. So physical access really isn't needed. One could instead mess with the network connection or the source file and Windows will run it as System whenever someone plugs in a mouse from this company.

javascript for a browser privacy test at: